In a few steps the perfect essay writing

1. The Preparation

The preparation is the A and O of a good essay. Before you start Writing, you think of what you write carefully in the essay and, thus, the statements want. As in a retreat, the theme is set, are you familiar with you at the beginning of the topic and the task. In the case of a housing task, it may be time that you your topic, think of can. Then choose a topic that you are already and then you are interested. It is always easier to edit something that you have interest.

Then you’re worried about the actual contents and write bullet points of your thoughts on the subject. If your essay deals with this Text, you will need to start this several times before you with the right editing. Then you are looking out for him on language do my assignment abnormalities, and screening of all rhetorical means. In bullet points write you the importance of style and more thoughts on the subject.

A Mind Map can help to structure the key points. It’s not bad if you think about some of the linguistic means of no precise meaning. Focus on the things that stand out to you immediately, and you interpret can. It is better to analyze a few styles exactly, and to explain the meaning of the Text, to call as many as possible of abnormalities but does not interpret. If you’re well versed in this subject, and your bullet points roughly sorted, you can begin to write.

2. The Outline

Introduction: In the introduction, you lead the reader to the topic of the essay and providing him with the most important information. This includes the type of

the essay (Interpretation, discussion or similar) and if you are referring to another Text, the author, the year of publication and a summary of the content. Analysis and your own opinion in the introduction. Important: Think you are as short as possible! The introduction should never take more than five to ten percent of the whole essay.

Main part: The main part is the heart of the essay. The most important actions, all of the interpretations and explanations in this part. Be careful not to rename the linguistic peculiarities only, but also to analyze. Your own opinion is not allowed to come to expression.
Conclusion: As the introduction, should not be the end of more than five to ten percent of the entire essay. You price summarizes your findings in brief and gives your own opinion. Important: no new evidence may be brought forth. A crisp final sentence the most important conclusion from the main part rounds off your essay.

The most common forms of School essays:

3. The Interpretation

One Interpretation of a given Text is based on. This can be, for example, a poem, a short story or an excerpt from a book. A particularly large role in the Interpretation of play rhetorical means. Also, you have to interpret the endpoint in the overall context. Especially in the case of poems, the temporal aspect should not be overlooked: when it was written the poem? What political events took place at the time? Where lived the author?

In your Interpretation, you build up either chronologically or thematically. In chronological order, you edit all the language and other abnormalities in the order they appear in the present Text. In the thematic order, you think of topics from your bullet points and work one after the other. It is important that you call only the individual points, but also to analyze it.

4. The Discussion

In a discussion, you put your position on a particular issue. Either the discussion is bound to free or text. In both forms, put it you in the introduction of your essay the main question (for example, “Is the Turbo-Abi useful?”) and erörterst in the main part of the Pro and contra-arguments. Each Argument is introduced with a Thesis (“The Turbo-Abi enable early career”), further arguments to be consolidated and by using examples. In the final part, you will take up the real question from the introduction and give a critical opinion of your own opinion.

In the case of a text-bound discussion, you have a Text that deals with a specific research question and different arguments. As in the case of an Interpretation, you need to filter out from the Text the rhetorical means and interpret. Also, you should explain in the text-bound discussion of the reasoning of the author. The theses are consistent and the listed arguments with appropriate examples, evidence? Furthermore, you have to add your arguments and give a personal opinion.

5. The Characterization

In the case of a characterization, you portray a Person from a school reading. Note the external appearance, the social Situation, certain characteristics of the Person, the mindset, feelings and dealing with other people. All the characteristics that the Person should appear in the characteristics. Through quotes, you can show your characterization. At the end of the essay, you can make your assessment of the Person and, for example, to work out, what is the impact of the character on the entire plot.
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